2017-2018 Parent Handbook



Table of Contents

Inside front cover…..What To Know…Who To Call

Page 1 Names of Site Administrators and Contact Numbers

Page 2 Arrival and Dismissal

Page 3 Attendance / Student Information

Page 4 Medical Issues

Page 5-6 Medication / Trips

Page 6 Meetings

Page 7 Communication with Staff

Page 8 Dress Code

Page 9 Academics / Homework / Textbooks

Page 10-11 Breakfast and Lunch Program/ Bussing

Page 12 Code of Conduct / Prohibited Items/Social Media Guidelines

Page 13-16 Cell Phone Policy

Page 17 Internet / Non-DOE / Pictures

Page 18 Translation Sticker

Page 19-20 Testing Dates

Page 21 Early Pick up / Note to School



Inside back cover……………… Calendar

Back cover………………………WEBSITE/ENL INFO

P. 224Q
Desmond Park, Principal
Danielle M. Hughes, Assistant Principal
Kara Reardon-Navan, Assistant Principal
Stacy Podolsky, Assistant Principal
Jamie Allen-Zic, Assistant Principal



P. 224Q @ P.S. 186Q P. 224Q @ P.S. 26 Q
252-12 72 Avenue 195-02 69th Avenue
Bellerose, NY 11426 Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
Main Office: 718-831-4024 Unit Office: 718-464-4396
Unit Office: 718-831-4027 Fax: 718-264-1077
Fax: 718-831-4026 Unit Contact:
Unit Contact: DJ Meehan
Noah Shurghan Assistant Principal:
Assistant Principal: Kara Reardon-Navan
Stacy Podolsky

P. 224Q @ P.S. 205Q P. 224Q @ P.S. 710Q
75-25 Bell Blvd. 221-21 Corbett Road
Bayside, NY 11364 Bayside, NY 11361
Unit Office: 718-464-5776 Unit Office:718-225-8667
Fax: 718-464-2268 or 718-225-1036
Unit Contact: Fax: 718-225-9694
Arlene Hofler Unit Contact:
Assistant Principal: Gina Rapp
Jamie Allen-Zic Assistant Principal: Kara Reardon-Navan

P. 224Q @ P.S. 266Q
74-10 Commonwealth Blvd.
Glen Oaks, NY 11426
Unit Office: 718-479-4322
Fax: 718-479-4335
Unit Contact:
Susan Sanderov
Assistant Principals:
Danielle Hughes



Arrival/ Dismissal

P.224Q School Hours
K-8 P.224Q all sites Mon-Fri 8:00AM
PreK P.224Q@710/186 8:20AM 2:20PM


• Most students are brought to school by bus. For those parents who bring their children to school: All students must be signed in and signed out in the P.224Q arrival and departure book. Please confirm with office staff where your site’s sign out book is located.

• Students should be brought to a P.224 staff member (depending on site procedures) after being signed in by the parent/guardian (At P.710 the students are brought to their classroom by a staff member).

• Any student brought in by a parent after 8:00AM will be marked late.

• For safety and security reasons, no parents may go directly to the classrooms. All parents must sign in at security and proceed to the Unit Coordinator’s office when visiting their child’s site.

• If you plan to pick up your child from school, please send a note in your child’s back pack informing us of these details.(Remember this person must be on the blue card on file at the school and must have photo identification). You can call the site prior to lunchtime to ensure this information has been received; however, for the safety of all children these requests must be in writing.

• There is a sample form at the back of this booklet that you may choose to duplicate and use for pick up notification (See page 23)




• Students are expected to attend school everyday.

• 90% attendance is recommended by the P. 224Q Attendance Committee. Good attendance has a high correlation to student success.

• Parents are expected to call the school when a student is absent to inform us of the reason. If we do not hear from you, the school will contact your home.

• A written note must accompany the child upon his or her return to school, as required by education law. (You may use duplicate and use the note enclosed on page 23 or write your own note.) A doctor’s note can exempt a student from an unauthorized absence.

• An attendance teacher will be notified if a student is absent for three or more days and we are unable to make contact with the parent. In addition, after three days you will need to contact the bus company to reinstate pick up.

• If a student is going out of town for an extended period of time you are required to put in writing where the student is going, for how long they will be away and leave a phone number where contact can be made even if it is out of the country.

Student Information

• A blue card will be sent home at the beginning of each year to gather student contact information. These blue cards are used to obtain phone numbers and addresses of where the guardian of the child can be contacted in the event of an emergency. Please fill these cards in correctly and completely. It is imperative that we have THREE updated emergency numbers, other than the parent/guardian’s numbers. Only the people listed on the blue card will be allowed to pick up your child from school. They must bring and show photo ID for a student to be released.

• Anytime information changes (i.e. a change of address, telephone number, etc.) please contact the school immediately. (It is good practice to share change of numbers with the bus company as well.)





Medical Issues

• There is a school nurse at every site.

• If a student has a medical problem the nurse will call the home to inform the parent of the nature of the condition and what necessary steps need to be taken.

• If there is a life threatening emergency, EMS will be called while contact with a parent is being established. A parent must go to the hospital as soon as possible to meet their child.

• If a student has visible cuts, scars or bruises you must send a letter to school informing us as to how the child received the injury.

• Likewise if a staff member observes a cut or bruise on a child while at school, the child will be brought to the nurse who will call you to inform you of the injury and any details.

• While good attendance is always encouraged, please do not send a sick child to school. For the sake of good health for all students and staff, we ask for your cooperation in this matter. If the nurse determines that a child is too sick to remain in school, you will be called to pick them up in a timely fashion. Please note the nurse’s decision is based on medical training and DOE protocols.

• Understand that certain conditions (ie: fever, allergic reaction, etc.) will require immediate parent pick up, as child with such conditions is not able to be put on a school bus. Please plan accordingly.











• Never send students to school with over the counter medication to self-administer (i.e. Tylenol etc.) .

• In order for the nurse to give medication to a student, a signed consent form must be received from the doctor that indicates the type and dosage of medication to be given. The Medication Administration Form is good up until the end of summer school. It must be renewed before school starts each September and must accompany the student the first day the child attends.

• Every time a doctor makes a change to the schedule of medication distribution, type, or dosage, a new form must be signed by the doctor before changes can be adjusted by the nurse.

• Medication must be sent to school in the original bottle with the correct information on the label.

• If a student is on medication at home and does not receive it on any particular day, the parent must call the school to inform us as behavior may greatly be affected by this situation.

• If this situation occurs, we will ask that someone bring the medication to school.

• It is advisable to leave a bottle of medication in school with a permission form from a doctor. That will allow the nurse to administer the medication in the event that for some reason a student does not receive it at home on any particular day.

• You can contact the nurse at any time.

• Any student who has an allergy must have medical documentation on file with the nurse. This must be updated every year.


• Educational trips are scheduled at different times throughout the school year to coincide with your child’s classroom activities and curriculum.

• A signed permission slip must be sent back to school three days prior to the scheduled trip.



• Some children have health services that require some form of possible treatment by a licensed nurse. These treatments are individual and can be as simple as assisting a child in using an inhaler for asthma. During the school day, our onsite nurse is available for any/all treatments. On class trips, these students must have a nurse with them during the entire trip.

• We do request a trip nurse for all trips when a student requires nursing services. This nurse accompanies the class/students and can administer any necessary treatments. Occasionally, The DOE does not have enough nursing coverage for trips because school nurse absences must be covered first.

• We will make every attempt to call you if we know there has been no trip nurse available from the DOE. (Often we do not know this until 9:30 am on the day of the trip).

• If time permits, you (or a designated family member) may come to school to accompany your child on the trip.


• There are Parent/Teacher Conference meetings and times set aside each school year for parents to meet with teachers please be aware that OT’s and PT’s are not mandated to attend evening conferences. (See inside front cover for dates.) Additionally, you may schedule in-person or phone conferences for any Tuesday between 2:20-3:35. Also, when the annual review of the IEP is due you will be requested to attend. You will be sent notice of all these meetings in advance.
• If you would like to arrange any other meetings, you can schedule these in writing or by phone with your child’s classroom teacher or Unit Coordinator.
• Unscheduled visits are impossible to accommodate since we need sufficient notice to provide coverage for staff to meet with you.
• At least once a year a meeting must be scheduled with your IEP or SBS team to review your child’s progress and develop next year’s IEP.






Communication with Staff

• P. 224Q has a website which is used as a primary way of communicating with parents. A survey determining how many parents have daily internet access is sent home each year. (Please sign & return GREEN form attached to the front of this book—received on first day of school). While the website does not yet eliminate “backpacked flyers” and other information at this time, it is a preferred and convenient mode. Please visit our website at www.p224q.org

• All information and parent training is available on this site and translated into over 70 languages. See link to Chancellor’s Regulations, A-663 Parents Bill of Rights http//schools.nyc.gov/RulesPolicies/ChancellorsRegul/ations/default.htm.

• Parents of ENL students, please also see pages 18-19.

• If you need to see an administrator, call before you come to school. Often administrators may be at other sites or district meetings.

• Outside of the yearly scheduled meetings, if you need to see a teacher, you must make an appointment to see them. You may send a note or call the school and ask the secretary to have the teacher call you back. The teacher will schedule an appointment. Appointments are limited in time (approximately 40 minutes), as a teacher will be meeting with you during a preparation period and a teacher will probably have a class to teach after seeing you. However, accommodations can be made in the event of a serious or pressing concern that is not resolved.

• Teachers cannot receive phone calls during class time. If you need to speak to a teacher you can send in a note or leave a message and the teacher will return your call as soon as possible.

• Please check your child’s book-bag every day. Often we send home letters and information with the student that require timely follow-up.







• A classroom communication log goes home with each student every day. This sheet tells you how/what your child did in school that day.

• If you do not receive communication sheet please call the school the next morning.

• The communication log provides a section where parents and teachers can make comments. This is an important means of communication between home and school.

• A related service provider binder is also sent home on a weekly basis (each Friday) to inform you of your child’s progress with his/her related services.

Dress Code

• Children should come to school dressed appropriately.

• T-shirts should not display messages that are inappropriate or violent.

• Students should dress in clothing that is not provocative.

• Clothing should be clean.

• Please check your child is dressed appropriately before they leave the house each day.

• Hats, sweatbands, “doo rags” and bandannas are not permitted to be worn in the building.

• Please be sure your child wears sneakers on gym days, as these are the only shoes permitted during gym class.







• The student body of P. 224Q is made up of students who are classified as standardized or non-standardized testing.

• Students who are in the Standardized Assessment testing category (SA) are mandated to take all New York State tests and local assessments with any modifications that are mandated on the student’s IEP.

• Our curricula are aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) -- the same as in General Education. However, much of the material is presented to the students in a modified way to meet their individual needs.

• A testing calendar is posted each year on the DOE website. We have enclosed the NYS calendar (see pages 21-22).

• Students who are in the Alternate Assessment (AA) testing category follow a modified curriculum connected to CCLS at their functional level.

• AA students participate in NYSAA in grades 3-8.

• PreK-Grade 2 students do not take state/local tests.

• All students take assessments.


• Homework is given every day (Fridays are optional). If a teacher decides not to give homework it will be indicated in the comments section of the communication sheet.
• Homework must be done every day unless you send in a note.



• Students are responsible for all textbooks given to them. If your child loses or damages a textbook, you will be asked to pay for the book.





Breakfast and Lunch Eligibility

• All children are entitled to breakfast and lunch.

• If you choose to send in your child’s lunch, please be sure it is prepared and ready to eat. Children’s lunch boxes are stored on classroom shelves or cubbies. Food Service Kitchen Aides are not permitted to store or heat children’s own lunches. Some parents use a thermos or insolated containers to keep foods hot or cold.

• Sending in snack is a parent’s option. It is typically eaten mid-morning (between breakfast and lunch). Snack period is 5-10 minutes long and is either a ‘working snack’ or a time when appropriate peer socialization is encouraged or a read aloud is conducted. A small water bottle and a small piece of fruit is encouraged. Otherwise, the amount of the snack
(i.e. Goldfish, Cheez- Its, Teddy Grahams, etc.) should fit in a snack size ZipLock baggie. No snack sharing is permitted.


• Bus Service is provided by the Department of Education / Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT). The Office of Pupil Transportation will send notices home before the school year begins informing parents of the bus route and the company information.

• If you have not received a letter a week before your child is due to come to school, call OPT and ask them for the information. Have your child’s OSIS ID number handy.

• PM drops can be requested through OPT. The forms are on their website. Please inform your child’s site when you have requested that OPT initiate a PM drop for your child.







• At morning pick up, an adult waits curbside with their child until the bus arrives. The matron escorts children onto the bus and to their seats. Parents are not permitted on school busses. An adult must be curbside in the afternoon to receive their child.

• At afternoon drop off, the matron can only release children to the responsible adult at curbside.

• If your child’s IEP indicates the service of a bus Para, he or she will meet you at the bus when it arrives. Paras are not permitted to wait alone with your child at pick up or drop off times.

• The matron is responsible to escort all children on and off their bus.

• A bus para’s job is to ensure a child’s safety while the bus transports the child to and from school.

• If your child has this service, OPT will not permit him or her to ride the bus without the bus para present. In the event they are unable to ride, the Para will make every attempt to secure a substitute. However, there are times this may not be possible. The guardian is then responsible for bringing their child to and from school using an alternate mode of transportation.

• All bussing questions should be addressed directly to OPT or the bus company.

• If a bus has not picked up your child or the bus is late, please call the bus company. They are the only people who can give you information about the status of a bus run.

• The bus companies contracted through DOE/OPT supervise bus personnel. School administration is not their supervisors. The school will attempt to assist you with bussing issue; however you should follow the protocol of calling the bus and OPT first. Be sure to document when and who you speak with including complaint number if applicable.
OPT 718-784 3313

( Fill In your child’s bus information on the inside front cover so you will have it if you need to call.)




Code of Conduct / Items Prohibited in School

Every classroom teacher has rules that students need to follow in order to create a safe learning environment. These rules are posted in the front of each classroom. Some rules may vary from class to class depending on the teacher and the functioning and behavioral levels of the students. The following rules are school-wide and all students will be held accountable for these rules.

Students will stay in the room and building
No student is allowed to leave the room or building without permission.

Students will respect all other students and adults
Fighting, teasing, bullying, cyberbullying or any act of violence will not be tolerated.

Students will respect school property and the property of other students and adults
Defacing or damaging school property including bulletin boards and other student work will carry serious consequences.

Students will work toward their potential
The role of the student is to follow the course of class work and homework established by the classroom teacher.

Students will not bring prohibited items to school
Prohibited items are items forbidden in school. They include any sharp or dangerous items and toys. If you are not sure if an item belongs in school, please leave it home. Forbidden items may only be returned to a parent during a school visit.
• For use of cell phones, computing devices, portable music devices and entertainment systems see pages 13 - 16.

Consequences (K-8)
Consequences for not adhering to school rules may include: not earning points; phone call to parent; meeting with parent; guidance meeting; principal suspension (in school); Superintendent’s Suspension (out of school). (See NYCDOE Citywide Standards).

Severe incidents such as student to student or student to teacher violence or sexual harassment may be reported to the police and dealt with legally.

P. 224Q follows the Citywide Standards of Intervention and Discipline Measures (The Discipline code and student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, K-12) as well as the Social Media Guidelines: 12 and Younger which are sent home each year and available on DOE Website.

P. 224Q



252-12 72nd Ave.
Bellerose NY 11426
718 831-4024
FAX 718 831-4026

Desmond Park, Principal Assistant Principals
Danielle M. Hughes
Stacey Podolsky
Kara Reardon-Navan
Jamie Allen-Zic
Dear Parents,

We were required by the Chancellor to put a policy in place that governs the use of cell phones, computing devices and entertainment systems.

Our experience with students bringing cell phones and entertainment systems to school has been that too often they go missing (lost or stolen) either in school or on the bus. This creates many issues regarding questioning students and investigating incidents. We feel it is the safest policy for students not to have them in school. As our sites are small, everyone has the ability to make and receive calls to their parents in an emergency. We also feel it can lead to miscommunication if students are being communicated to directly and administration or staff is not also informed.
P224 currently has six different locations. Parents can contact the school at any time if there is an urgent communication that needs to be delivered to a student. If you cannot contact the site then you can contact the main office (please see the site numbers and main office numbers at end of the policy). Likewise, students may call parents from the office if there is an urgent message to be communicated to a parent.
The attached policy was adopted for P224 based on Chancellors Regulation A- 413 and was agreed upon by the School Leadership Team on February 27th 2015.

A copy of this policy is enclosed in our Parent Handbook, posted on our school website and in the form of a 2 page PINK attachment on the cover of said Parent Handbook received on the first day of each school year. We recognize that the majority of parents will not be sending students to school with electronic devices however we want every parent to sign acknowledging receipt of the policy and return the cut off to the classroom teacher.

If you are intending to send your child to school with a cell phone, computing device or entertainment system you must sign below acknowledging receipt of the P224 policy on the use of these devices. You and your child must also read and sign the contract governing use of these devices in school and return, both the cut off and the signed contract, before such a device is allowed in the school building.


Desmond Park



P. 224Q Policy for use of Cell Phones, Computing Devices, and Portable Music and Entertainment Systems on School Property
Adopted by School Leadership Team: February 27, 2015
As per the Chancellor’s Regulation A-413 students are permitted to bring the following items to school as of March 2nd 2015. 1) cell phones; 2) laptops, tablets, and other similar computing devices; and 3) portable music and entertainment systems, such as iPods, MP3 players, PSP, and Nintendo DS. However, the school has the ability to set their own policy with guidelines from Regulation A-413 on using these devices in school.
If you choose to send your child to school with an electronic device please review and sign the attached contract with your child so that he/she is clear on the expectations set forth in the P224 Cellphone, Computing Devices and Entertainment Policy adopted from Chancellor’s Regulation A-413
A. Cell phones
During the school day:
• Cell phones may not be turned on or used while on school property.
• Cell phones may not be turned on or used during instructional time.
B. Computing Devices
• Computing devices may not be turned on or used while on school property. They can be used only if and as indicated on a student’s I.E.P.
C. Portable music and entertainment systems may be used as set forth below
During the school day:
• Portable music devices and entertainment systems may not be turned on or used while on school property.

D. Confiscation and return of electronic items for violation of the rules above
• First offense: confiscation of item and return at end of school day. Letter to parent informing them of violation of the rule and consequence if it occurs again
• Second offense: confiscation of item and return to parent following in school parent conference
• Third offense: confiscation of item, item returned to parent and revocation of privilege to bring item to school
• If student refuses to hand over a device as set forth above parent must come to school the next day with the student for a meeting. Student may be subject to disciplinary action as set forth in The DOE’s Discipline Code such as In- School or Principal Suspension


E. Discipline for violation of the rules below
The use of cell phones, computing devices and portable music and entertainment systems during any of the following instances will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the DOE’s Discipline Code.

1. Cell Phone or Computing devices may not be turned on or used during the administration of any school quiz, test or examination, except where such use has been explicitly authorized by the school or is contained in an Individualized Education Program or Section 504 Accommodation Plan.
2. Cell phones, computing devices and portable music and entertainment systems may not be turned on or used during school fire drills or other emergency preparedness exercises.
3. Cell phones, computing devices, and portable music and entertainment systems may not be used in locker rooms or bathrooms
4. Violation of DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (“ISUSP”) will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code.

F. P. 224Q is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged device.

P224 Site Phone Numbers

(MAIN P. 224Q @ P.S. 186Q P. 224Q
@ P.S. 26Q P. 224Q
@ P.S. 205Q P. 224Q
@ P.S. 266Q P. 224Q
@ P.S. 710Q
(718) 831-4024 or 4027 (718) 464-4396 (718) 464-5776 (718) 479-4322 (718) 225-8667

(Please sign and return the 2 page PINK contract clipped to the front cover of this book sent on the first day of school if your child attends P. 224Q at 186 or 266 and will be bringing a device to school this year.)







CONTRACT for Cell Phone, Computing Device, Portable Music and Entertainment Systems

I, _________________________________
(Student Name)
am allowed bring to my cell phone and/ or electronic devices to the school building, however I must be responsible for the following rules while I have any device in the school building:

Cell Phone, Computing Device, Portable Music and Entertainment System

1. I am fully responsible for any device I bring to school. P224 is not responsible if the device is lost, stolen or damaged
2. I will keep my phone and all electronic devices turned off at all times while on school property
3. My phone and all electronic devices will not be visible while in the building. I will keep it in my backpack or pocket
4. I will not use my phone or electronic devices to video or audio tape while on school property

Confiscation and return of electronic items for violation of the rules above

• First Offense: confiscation of item and return at end of school day. Letter to parent informing them of violation of the rule and consequence if it occurs again
• Second Offense: confiscation of item and return to parent following parent conference in school

• Third Offense: revocation of privilege to bring item to school for 1 month and new contract signed in order to be permitted to bring device again after the 1 month suspension
• If I refuse to hand over a device as set forth above my parent must come to school the next day with me for a meeting. I may be subject to disciplinary action as set forth in The DOE’s Discipline Code such as In- School or Principal Suspension

___________________________ __________________________ ________
Student Signature Parent Signature Date

________________________________ _______
Approved by (Administrator Signature) Date 16.


The following 3 items contain information as well as sign off’s attached to the front of this book on the first day of school. These forms must be signed and returned.






Internet accessibility lets us know if you have daily access to the internet.




By signing this form, you allow the staff of P. 224Q to speak about your child to NON-DOE/outside personnel if need be throughout this school year. This may include agencies, therapists, doctors etc.



By signing this DOE form, you allow your child to be photographed or videotaped during school events.


NOTE: Please be aware that some parents chose not to give photo/video permission. Therefore, when you are photographing or videotaping your child at special school events, please do NOT post these on SOCIAL MEDIA if the photo/video contains images of children other than your own.






When you see this sticker at the bottom of a letter sent home to you go to P.224Q.org for translated version.

عندما ترى هذا الملصق في الجزء السفلي من رسالة بعث بها موطن لتذهب إلى P.224Q.org لنسخة مترجمة (Arabic)
আপনি বাড়িতে পাঠানো একটি চিঠির নীচে এই স্টিকার দেখে অনুবাদ সংস্করণের জন্য P.224Q.org যেতে


Quand vous voyez cet autocollant au bas d'une lettre envoyée chez vous pour vous rendre à P.224Q.org pour la version traduite

Lè ou wè fich sa a nan fon an nan yon lèt voye lakay yo nan ou ale nan P.224Q.org pou tradui vèsyon
(Haitian Creole)

당신이 집에 보낸 편지의 맨 아래에이 스티커를 볼 때 번역 된 버전 P.224Q.org로 이동

Когда вы видите эту наклейку на нижней части письме домой, к тебе идти, чтобы P.224Q.org для переведенной версии

Cuando vea este adhesivo en la parte inferior de una carta enviada a casa a usted ir a P.224Q.org Versión traducida

کیا آپ کا گھر بھیجے گئے خط کے نچلے حصے میں یہ سٹکر دیکھتے ہیں تو اس طرح کے ترجمہ ورژن کے لئے
P.224Q.org کے پاس جاؤ








Deputy Commissioner Tel: (518)474-5915
Office of Instructional Support Fax: (518)486-2233
89 Washington Avenue – Room 875 EBA Albany, New York 12234

January 2017

TO: District Superintendents Superintendents of Schools
Principals of Public and Nonpublic Schools Charter School Leaders
FROM: Angélica Infante-Green
SUBJECT: 2017–18 Elementary- and Intermediate-level Testing Scheduule

2017–18 School Year

Administration Dates
Make-up Dates
Scoring Dates Final Dates to Submit Answer Sheets to Scanning Centers
Grades 3-8 English Language Arts
Paper- based
Wednesday, April 11 – F iday, April 13
Monday, April 16 - Wednesday, April 18
Monday, April 16 - Thursday, May 3
Thursday, May 3

Computer- based
Tuesday, April 10 – Tuesday, April 17
Friday, April 13 - Friday, April 20
Monday, April 16* - Thursday, May 3
Grades 3-8 Mathematics
Paper- based
Tuesday, May 1 – Thursday, May 3
Friday, May 4 - Wednesday, May 9
Friday, May 4 - Wednesday, May 16
Wednesday, May 16

Computer- based
Tuesday, May 1 – Tuesday, May 8
Friday, May 4 - Friday, May 11
Friday, May 4* - Wednesday, May 16

Monday, April 9 – Friday, May 18 Make-ups must be given within the testing window
Speaking is scored as it is administered.
Thursday, May 31
Listening, Reading, Writing
Monday, May 7 – Friday, May 18 Make-ups must be given within the testing window
Monday, May 21 - Thursday, May 31
Thursday, May 31

*Teachers may not begin to train for scoring or rate student responses until the primary administration of the specific grade level test the teacher is rating has been administered in the teacher’s school.


2017–18 School Year, Continued**


Administration Dates
Make-up Dates
Scoring Dates Final Dates to Submit Answer Sheets to Scanning Centers

Grade 4 Science Performance Test
Wednesday, May 23 – Friday, June 1 Make-ups must be given within the testing window Scoring may start immediately following administration
Thursday, June 14

Grade 8 Science Performance Test
Wednesday, May 23 – Friday, June 1 Make-ups must be given within the testing window Scoring may start immediately following administration
Thursday, June 14

Grade 4 Science Written
Monday, June 4
Tuesday, June 5 – Wednesday June 6 Following make-up dates, but no later than Thursday, June 14
Thursday, June 14

Grade 8 Science Written
Monday, June 4
Tuesday, June 5 – Wednesday June 6 Following make-up dates, but no later than Thursday, June 14
Thursday, June 14

Monday, March 12-
Friday, June 8
Make-ups must be giving within the testing window